For employers

Polaris is a well-established and nationwide company that offers search and recruitment services for both management and specialist positions in the majority of sectors. The basis of our work is Headhunting, i.e., actively searching for high-performing and successful people with both the right personal profile and competence to thereby guarantee success.

PilarWe fully believe in the "start to finish" model, i.e., that every headhunter should guide the client through the entire process.

This means a contact person at Polaris Headhunting who can constantly be up-to-date with developments in the recruitment in question. Since there are no interfaces between different functions with us, this means that we can always provide the best service to both clients and candidates.

We work in accordance with a well-tried and successful method where we ensure that no stone is left unturned in the hunt for the most suitable candidates - but, at the same time, we are sensitive and flexible to special requirements from our clients, regardless of whether we are dealing with public or confidential assignments.

Thanks to our presence in several strategically chosen locations in Sweden, it becomes a natural thing for us at Polaris Headhunting to work together on different recruitment projects; this is, of course, one of the strengths of a geographically spread organisation. Where the client is, for example, looking for staff in both Gothenburg and Stockholm or needs a great number of recruitments carried out at the same time, it can be an advantage to have headhunters working side by side locally at both locations; but this is, of course, something we always agree on with the client before we get started.

Thanks to our strong international network with other professional players, we also carry out successful recruitments in the rest of the Nordic region and Europe.